Each holds a golden ticket in a collective experience free from spatial barriers.

The most valuable assets in financial services are not stocks, futures, derivatives or commodities. They’re people who always put their clients first and have the freedom to make investment recommendations outside a branded suite of products or incentives. A symbiotic connection between American Portfolios, advisors and their clients makes this freedom possible.  

High Touch

We are looking for ways to connect with one another. At AP there are a number of ways we do that. Our advisor information channels and service support tools ensure the proper intel and access is available at all times, enabling our team to make the best decisions for themselves and their clients.

High Touch

  • + Accountability
    - Accountability

    AP Support, powered by Salesforce, is an intelligent ticketing and tracking tool that tackles the questions and concerns presented by our advisors in the field. AP Support ensures accountability to those at the home office who must address issues assigned to them in an informative and timely manner so that advisors can be responsive to the needs of their clients at any given time. 

  • + Accessibility
    - Accessibility

    Want to know there's always someone on the other end you can talk to? With the Advisor Support Center, a call-in hub for advisors and support staff, our branch offices in the field receive immediate assistance when calling into the home office. Even more, our top advisors have concierge services with dedicated support personnel assigned to their office.

  • + Connectivity
    - Connectivity

    We are all looking for ways to connect with one another. At AP there are a number of ways we do that:

    The Independent: A weekly e-newsletter that distributes newsworthy, timely company and industry content in a distilled, efficient, and unobtrusive way.

    FREE: Our quarterly in-house journal that delivers invaluable investment, financial and practice management insights from internal staff, affiliated professionals and partners of the firm.

    The American Forum: An interactive information system that allows our advisors to directly ask questions of AP department heads, our focus companies, or fellow colleagues who are subject matter experts.

    Studio 454: Our in-house digital production studio that produces and delivers Web-based industry-expert interviews, bi-weekly company reporting, and recaps of industry-related current events. Production services are also available to any advisor interested in creating video content for their practice.

  • + Marketability (Practice Management)
    - Marketability (Practice Management)

    As a business owner in today’s fast-paced digital and ever-changing world, staying relevant is the number one challenge; so, as big ideas are delivered in ever-shrinking wrappers, always remember, it’s not the size but the source that matters.

    Branded Materials: With the support of business partner, Forefield, a leading provider of sales, education and client communication services, AP gives advisors free access to thousands of digital and printed resources. Each can be branded with personal pictures, logos and contact information to deliver and keep any client informed.

    Social Networking: There is no better place to strengthen relationships and seek new prospects than through social networking. American Portfolios has both the expertise and compliance mechanisms in place to help advisors build strong online presences for their practices.

    Succession Planning: When you build your own business, it's heartwarming to know that your hard work will be appreciated and its integrity maintained once you move on. At American Portfolios, we'll partner with you to prepare for whatever comes next. For all affiliated colleagues whose gross commissions and/or advisory fees exceed $225,000 for the trailing twelve months, we pay an additional 50 percent fees for valuation, purchase and sale of a practice, provided that practice comes to or remains at American Portfolios.