Each holds a golden ticket in a collective experience free from spatial barriers.

The most valuable assets in financial services are not stocks, futures, derivatives or commodities. They’re people who always put their clients first and have the freedom to make investment recommendations outside a branded suite of products or incentives. A symbiotic connection between American Portfolios, advisors and their clients makes this freedom possible.  

Hi Tech

The ace up American Portfolios' sleeve, American Outsources, LLC (AO), is rich with intellectual capital and IT know-how. It's more than extending the firm's business technology platform; AO integrates the resources and builds the mechanisms to support AP in providing business solutions to its affiliates, ultimately supporting client acquisition and retention, as well as amassing more assets.

Hi Tech

  • + Workflow Operations
    - Workflow Operations

    Systems and processes are only as good as the people who use them. Since its inception, American Portfolios has implemented business workflow functionality, the genesis of which has arisen from the demands and needs of our advisors in the field. That is the foundation on which STARS, AP’s business processing workflow Web application, was built.  

    Essentially, STARS becomes the control center—if you will—for your back office and all your business processing activities. Functions such as establishing new client account information, opening a Pershing account, systematic supervisory approval of transactions, storing client documents and submitting  promotional material requests for compliance approval, are taken care of all in one centralized location. What’s more, the integration of other Web services such as Albridge Wealth Reporting to review client-associated accounts, ready-access and completion of AP and product company forms mapped with your client account details, and due diligence Web tools for proper vetting of annuity and alternative investment products, are accessible without having to leave STARS. At AP it’s all about creating efficiencies that make the work easier and more streamlined so that you can focus on serving clients and bringing in more assets.

  • + Cash Flow Operations
    - Cash Flow Operations

    In order to maintain and grow a business, the first thing you’ll  want to know is how much cash is being generated from revenues in any given month, week—even day. As it is our prime function as a broker/dealer to pay timely commissions and fees to our affiliated investment professionals, through the services of Xtiva, a leading provider of sales management software for financial services, combined with the firm’s participation in NSCC’s commission settlement program for daily downloads from Pershing LLC and hundreds of participating product vendors,  AP has fully integrated into its infrastructure, a compensation reporting management system steeped in operational efficiencies.  As a result, multiple data resources of record are turned into accurate, consistent and reliable intelligence, and delivered to our advisors 24/7 through this powerful, yet simple, on-demand query reporting Web application—CommissionWeb—to support the day-to-day decisions of a business owner.

  • + Data Management and Reporting
    - Data Management and Reporting

    Wealth reporting has never been so accessible and simple than through AP's highly available and secure networked infrastructure to bring reliable client accounting and performance reporting solutions right through to an advisor's business and back office.

    Available at no additional cost to our advisors, wealth reporting through Albridge Solutions evaluates holdings and tax data, tracks portfolio performance with a choice of return calculations, and even integrates an advisor's client data with other third-party CRMs and/or financial planning software programs they may currently use.

    Simple solutions are made not just elegantly, but efficiently.

    Clearing Firm Access

    With the firm belief that an infrastructure backed by strong technology is critical to the sustainability of a broker/dealer and its advisors’ businesses, our partnership with  Pershing has reinforced this with its powerful Web-based interface that is designed to be integrated into a thriving and active practice. Through the NetX360 portal, access to account information, trading activities, market data and research, tools and analytical capabilities is seamless. What’s more, NetX360’s open architecture configuration allows an advisor to easily integrate their CRM, performance reporting tool and/or market data online resource of choice with NetX360. Furthermore, the client experience of having full, 24/7 online access to their accounts and associated documentation through NetExchange Client is  hugely important in establishing transparency, credibility and long-lasting relationships.

    Web Services

    Web services are the enhanced capabilities that take broker/dealer-provided consolidated account data and portfolio holdings, bringing them into other essential applications within an investment professional’s financial practice.  Through agreements with many Web services firms, the combination of data aggregation services through Albridge Wealth Reporting and other financial service software companies that integrate Web services into their applications, allows APFS to offer its affiliated professionals access to highly sophisticated financial analytical tools. 

    American Portfolios currently has agreements with several Web service providers and products included, but not limited to:

    • Broker's Ally

    • eMoney Advisor

    • MoneyGuidePro

    • Morningstar Workstation

    • NaviPlan

    • Pareto Systems

    • Redtail

    • SunGard Planning Station

    • Wealth Desktop